Ping Test Tool: Automatic Monitoring of Hosts Ups/Downs

EMCO Ping Monitor is a ping test tool designed to check the availability of network hosts and to assess their connection quality. The program can monitor many hosts simultaneously in the 24/7 mode to detect connection outages and connection quality problems, and send notifications when host state or quality change. The program collects ping results and provides access to the collected statistics including uptime, latency and other metrics.

Latest release: Version 9.0.9

EMCO Ping Monitor: Ping Test Tool

The program uses ICMP ping to test the availability of network hosts. The program executes ping tests on a regular basis for every monitored host to track its state and connection quality. If a host replies to ping echo requests, it means that it is available and has the Up state. If there is no reply to several ping echo requests sent in a row, it means that the host has the Down state and is unreachable. In this case, the program saves information about the outage and sends notifications of the host state change.

The program uses ping test results to assess the quality of network connections to the monitored hosts. Based on the results of the latest pings, it calculates the packet loss, latency and jitter metrics and uses them to estimate the current connection quality to the host as Good, Warning, Bad or Critical. It is possible to set custom thresholds and tune the metrics used to determine the connection quality.

The program stores all ping test results, so you can see the host pings on the timeline chart for any selected period. You can also export the ping results into a file and open it in external tools. The program uses ping results to calculate different metrics and to provide access to detailed statistics for every host. Statistical data can be used to assess the host performance during any selected historical period. These data include information about the host uptime, latency, outages, etc. The program has built-in reporting features, so you can generate detailed reports for selected hosts.

Host Statistics Details

The Main Features of the Program

Hosts Availability Monitoring

Monitor network hosts using ICMP pings to detect their current status (up or down) and send notifications when the status changes.

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Connection Quality Monitoring

Monitor the real-time connection quality of the network hosts using ICMP pings and send notifications when the connection quality changes.

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Detailed Statistics

Store all ping test results and display all host pings on a chart. Assess the host performance during any selected historical period.

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Customizable Notifications

Send e-mails, show balloons in Windows Tray and play sounds when the host state or the quality of the connection to the monitored host changes.

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Automatic Reporting

Generate reports on demand and on schedule. A generated report includes detailed monitoring statistics for selected hosts.

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Easy Integration

Integrate the program with external software by executing the configured scripts or executables when the host state or quality changes.

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