Advantages and Benefits

Below is a list of top advantages and unique features that distinguish the product among others on the market

Reduce Time and Efforts for Software Maintenance by Installing Applications Remotely

Installation of software applications and updates is a good example of routine procedure that can be fully automated. With EMCO Remote Installer you can distribute and install applications to remote PCs in tens or even hundreds times faster, than you can do it manually. You don't need to follow installation wizard, or do any routine actions - installation works on remote PCs in the automatic mode. EMCO Remote Installer can install remotely those applications and updates that have installations in Windows Installer format, i.e. as MSI file. If you need to deploy installation in any other format, you can convert it easily to MSI using EMCO MSI Package Builder.

Make Mass Remote Installation in Workgroups and Domains

Unlike Group Policy, that can be used for remote deployment only in Windows domain, EMCO Remote Installer can operate both in domain and workgroup. Using it you can easily scan the network to detect all available PCs and select those where application or update should be installed. There are no any specific requirements for remote PCs and you don't need to manually install any client modules to them. Administrative access to remote PCs is the only requirement to perform mass remote software deployments both in domain and workgroup.

Get Detailed Software Inventory Report for Every PC

When you install applications remotely, it's important to check what software is already installed on remote PCs. Having this information you can decide on which PCs application should be installed or upgraded. EMCO Remote Installer allows you to collect this information easily and get the list of installed applications including versions for each remote PC, so you have all information to plan and accomplish software maintenance by the most effective way.

Find and Uninstall Unwanted Applications Remotely

EMCO Remote Installer can be used not only to install or upgrade applications remotely, but also to uninstall them. Remote uninstall option together with the software inventory features is your powerful weapon against unwanted and unapproved applications living in your network. Using EMCO Remote Installer you can detect and uninstall such applications within seconds on all PCs across the network.

Be Aware of All Software Installed and Uninstalled by Users on Their PCs

The only way to keep a software infrastructure in a good shape is the regular software maintenance aimed at upgrading applications and removing unwanted installations. EMCO Remote Installer has a special feature that simplifies this task and makes maintenance cycles shorter. After finishing maintenance task you can save the current software inventory information and next time when you get the actual inventory report you can see changes in the list of installed applications for each PC. If users installed or uninstalled some applications on their PCs, you can see it in the report to decide if they should be updated or deleted. It significantly reduces a maintenance planning and preparation time.

Look for Software on Remote PCs According With Specific Conditions

Some applications don't register themselves in the Add/Remove Programs list. In this case it's hard to detect if such application is already installed on remote PC or not before make a new installation or applying an upgrade. But it's not a problem for EMCO Remote Installer. It has a special option to detect installations according with defined conditions. You can configure custom search conditions to find particular file or registry key on remote PCs. If defined resources are detected, then correspondent application is added to the list of detected installations.