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This unique product is exactly what I need

Time-to-time I should install software to user's computers and it always takes a long time and requires many efforts, because our offices are straggled over the building in the different floors. Time ago my colleague told me about that tool, which helps him a lot with software installation. Yesterday I had a task to install Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop tools to the 37 user desktops, so it was a good chance to try it on practice.

I spent 10 minutes for reading Quick Start in Help and created Adobe Acrobat MSI 10 minutes later. It was really exiting - I needed just to start monitoring, which tracks on changes performed on computer, then start Acrobat installation and after stopping of monitoring MSI can be automatically created. I can't believe that it's a truth, therefore I tried to install created MSI on different computers and it works well without any prompt to specifying a path for installation and other annoying things, which you should perform again and again when installing software on different computers. After trying functionality of installed Acrobat from created MSI package I found that it works by the same way as the standard distribution.

Magic of this tool continues when I started MSI Remote Installer, which is a part of the distribution. Using this tool I was able to select computers, which require Acrobat installation and install it from my computer. I repeated procedure also with Photoshop and it went smoothly as well.

A really unique tool - I spent less than one hour for playing with a tool and installing software on 37 computers - great result.

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Stable, reliable, and simple remote system for managing software deployment

The EMCO Remote Installer/MSI Package Builder software suite has empowered our firm with a stable, reliable, and simple remote system for managing software deployment and removal across our network. The ability to easily generate your own custom .msi packages, and deploy them remotely network-wide... is _essential_ automation.

David Austin

Technical Director