Getting Started

EMCO Remote Installer is a software deployment tool that can be used to distribute Windows software remotely to computers connected to a LAN/WAN. Using EMCO Remote Installer, you can avoid managing software installations manually on every PC. Instead, you can install, uninstall and repair the required software remotely in the automatic mode. All deployment operations can be executed simultaneously on multiple remote computers, so distributing new software across a network takes just a few moments.

Getting Started

Using EMCO Remote Installer, you can benefit from the following features that are demonstrated in the course of this tutorial.

  • Software inventory. To plan software deployments, you need to know what software is installed in the network and what versions of the software are installed on remote PCs. The program automatically audits all software installed in your network, so you can see the software installed on every computer and the software inventory summary for the entire network. This simplifies uninstalling of unwanted software and updating of outdated software.
  • Flexible deployment targets. You can manually select PCs where software should be deployed, but the program also supports advanced deployment scenarios. You can define conditions to select deployment targets dynamically, for example, to deploy software on all PCs where the previous version of the same software is installed, or deploy software to a specific organizational unit from Active Directory.
  • Multi-step deployments. The program allows you to deploy multiple software in a single deployment operation. You can also perform custom pre- and post-install steps on remote PCs.
  • Reusable deployment packages. If you need to repeat the same deployment operation multiple times, you can save the deployment configuration and use it to run on different remote PCs in the future.
  • Scheduled deployments. You can schedule deployments for automatic execution on a defined date and time. If required, you can configure the program to repeat deployments on a regular basis.

In the following chapters, you will familiarize yourself with the user interface of the program and learn how to configure your network to satisfy the program requirements and how to configure deployment operations for them to run remotely. You will learn how to use various software audit and software deployment features of the program in practice.

The main features of the program are also demonstrated on the Video Tour page of the website. Every video there is focused on a specific feature of the program, so you can use the videos as a demonstration of the features described in this tutorial.

What's Inside