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The screenshots below demonstrate the Look & Feel and the main features of the product. You can click on any screenshot to see its larger image.
EMCO Remote Installer is available in different editions. The screenshots below demonstrate the features of the Professional edition. Other editions have different sets of features and may have a different look. Check the feature list for details.
Software Inventory View
This view allows you to see the software installed on selected remote PCs. Here you can find the PCs where specific software is installed to perform updates and uninstallations.
Software Bundles View
In this view, you can manage software bundles that contain software deployment configuration. You can create new bundles and also export/import bundles to exchange with colleagues.
Configuring Deploy Packages
You can configure the application to install EXE setups, MSI packages and MSP patches remotely. You can specify different packages for x86/x64 platforms if required.
Customizing Deployments
You can configure the application to run custom actions before and after install/uninstall operations. For MSI packages, you can also apply MST transforms and use custom properties.
Multi-Step Deployments
The application allows you to perform multiple operations in scope of a single deployment. You can use different operations, for example, to uninstall old and install new software.
Configuring Deployment Targets
To configure a deployment operation, you can specify static PCs and machine queries as deployment targets. Queries work dynamically and return PCs that satisfy the defined conditions.
Using Deployment Filters
Using filters, you can configure deployment targets to include only the PCs that satisfy specified conditions. The conditions can be based on the OS, platform and installed software.
Using Collections
If you need to manage the same groups of PCs, you can create reusable collections to select target PCs in deployment operations. Collections can include static PCs, queries and filters.
Tasks and Schedule View
In this view, you can configure the application to run deployment tasks on a schedule. You can create tasks for different types of operations that will be executed once or repeatedly.
Tracking Software Changes
In this view, you can see software scans for selected PCs or PC groups. You can compare the scans to see the differences in the scope of installed applications.
Product Facts

Did you know that Remote Installer allows you to silently install/uninstall software across your entire pool of remote computers with just a few clicks?

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