Advantages and Benefits

Below is a list of top advantages and unique features that distinguish the product among others on the market

Spend Minutes, Not Weeks to Get Inventory Information for All PCs in the Network

EMCO Network Inventory is a powerful tool that helps you to collect, analyze and report hardware and software inventory information from remote PCs. Retrieving of asset information is fully automatic and fast, that allows to significantly minimizing efforts spent for inventory tasks. Using EMCO Network Inventory you can collect asset information from remote PC and prepare report in a few seconds, so the overall inventory process even for large network requires just a few mouse clicks and takes a few minutes. Compare it with your own experience of manual collecting inventory information and composing inventory reports.

Make Easy Decisions Based on Detailed Inventory Reports

EMCO Network Inventory provides full information for every PC about its hardware subsystems and list of all installed applications. For every hardware subsystem you can get information about all available parameters and settings. It can help you to easily find those PCs that require your attention. For example, by one mouse click, you can find all PCs with a lack of memory and see how many free slots they have to increase memory capacity. Or you can find all PCs that have particular monitor model to replace by the new one. There are plenty other real-life situations when smart and fast inventory tool can save hours of your time.

Use Client-less Approach to Get Asset Information from Remote PCs

Unlike other inventory tools, EMCO Network Inventory doesn't require installation any client modules to remote PCs or enabling RPC/DCOM module that is disabled by default on most OS. Moreover, most asset information can be collected even without interaction with WMI interface. You don't need to start additional services or tune up settings on remote PCs to collect inventory information from them.

Get Inventory Data from PCs Located in Complex Network Structures

With EMCO Network Inventory you can collect asset information from networks with any complexity that consists of multiple domains and workgroups. Usually such networks have different permission settings, so you can access from one network to another. To support such complex structures EMCO Network Inventory has special settings to set separate credentials to be used for access to every domain, workgroup or even particular computers.

Reconcile Number of Used Applications with a Number of Purchased Licenses

EMCO Network Inventory has special features to make software asset management and track software licenses usage in your organization. It provides you by integrated summary for all software items used together with the count of installations for each entry. This list of software can filtered or manually edited to represent only those items that should be licensed. Having such summary you can evaluate total cost of owned software and identify software with a lack of licensing. Proper software purchase planning can help you to get volume discounts and save costs.

Find Resources that Violate Intellectual Property Rights or Company Policies

Using EMCO Network Inventory you can search specific resources on remote PCs. In particular you can look for files/folders, services or registry keys/values. This feature helps you to identify, for example, multimedia files on user's desktops that violate company policies. The same feature can be used to find resources that violation intellectual property rights, or for technical tasks like spyware detection.

Create Customized Inventory Reports Using Available Asset Information

EMCO Network Inventory comes with a set of preconfigured reports that can be stored in various formats, including PDF, RTF, HTML and other. When you generate report you can select what data should be included and customize the title page look. If you prefer to create custom report, you can compose it in easy-to-use visual editor. All inventory information collected from remote PCs is available for inclusion in custom report.