Getting Started

This chapter is a starting point for everyone, who would like to see how to make software and hardware audit of remote computers with the Network Inventory Enterprise. If you are making first steps with the application, this tutorial will help you to quickly familiarize with main features of the product.

Any company and organization needs to have hardware and software inventory information in order to plan upgrades or hardware/software purchases. This information gives you an overview how many and what exact hardware and software assets do you have and helps to identify what assets you need to add or replace.

Today every PC has tens applications installed and consists of dozen components, including CPU, memory, motherboard, hard drive, etc. Manual collecting inventory information from one PC can take up to ten minutes. How long does it take to make inventory of tens, hundreds and thousands PCs in your network? Also consider the fact that to be useful inventory information should be up-to-date. It's not enough to collect assets information at the purchasing time, because afterwards configuration can be changed - administrators can replace or remove some hardware, users can install new applications, etc.

Is there an effective way to make the software and hardware audit? Network Inventory Enterprise allows automatic collecting hardware and software assets information from remote PCs and gives you few advantages:

  • Fast automatic collection of asset information that significantly reduces your time and efforts
  • Always up-to-date inventory information helps you to make decisions easier

What's Inside