Advantages and Benefits

Below is a list of top advantages and unique features that distinguish the product among others on the market

Make One-Click Management of all PCs in the Network

EMCO Remote Shutdown is a network product that was specially designed to manage PCs remotely from the central location. Using it you can centrally manage particular PC, groups of PCs or even all computers in you local network to execute shutdown, reboot, power on and other operations. Unlike other tools on the market, EMCO Remote Shutdown is optimized to manage multiple or even numerous computers, so you can make single click operations with a group of computers with no need to setup or manage them separately.

Automate PCs Turning On and Off According with a Schedule

You can completely free yourself from all routine network PCs management tasks, such as, for example, PCs shutdown at evening and turning them on at morning. EMCO Remote Shutdown can execute automatically all remote tasks that should be performed on a regular basis. You only need to select required operation, list of PCs where it will be launched and schedule execution using flexible scheduling options. You can configure as many schedules, as you need to fully automate PC management in your company or organization.

Manage PCs Remotely with no Use of Expensive Hardware

With EMCO Remote Shutdown you don't need to spend thousands dollars to equip every PC by expensive remote power switches and control hardware. All remote actions can be performed and controlled from the central management console that can be installed on any PC. Using EMCO Remote Shutdown you can manage remote PCs located in Windows domains and workgroups. There are no specific requirements for remote PCs and you don't need to manually configure every PC - you only need to have an administrative access to manage them remotely.

Reduce Electric Energy Demand and Help to Save the Planet

In spite of hardware vendors' efforts to reduce power consumption, our PCs are still energy-intensive devices and we need to turn them off to prevent energy wasting. Large companies and organizations loose thousands dollars each year by paying for the work of idling PCs. Applying an effective power management system, such as EMCO Remote Shutdown, can help you not only to cut your power bills and prolong a life of the hardware, but also contribute to save a natural resources of our Planet and help to make it greener.

Save Costs to Launch Remote Management System

With the average price $1 per managed PC and no additional maintenance expenses EMCO Remote Shutdown can pay for itself within a couple of months and guarantees the lowest total cost of ownership. You can compare application features and the price with solutions from other vendors that that charge $25 or more per managed PC and require manual work for application deployment and setup on every PC with no ability of the centralized management.