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Remote Shutdown

Auto Shutdown and Wake-on-LAN - Software Solution for PC Networks

A software power management solution for automatic shutdown and wake up of network PCs. It provides you with ability to manage all PCs in your organization remotely from the central location. Using flexible scheduling mechanism you can automate shutdown, wake up, hibernate, reboot and other operations to be executed on defined time. Such automatic power management allows your organization become greener, reduce power consumption and save energy costs.
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 Latest version: 5.0.9
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Did you know that near a half of office desktops remain powered on during non-work hours, including evenings and weekends. These PCs are operating yet unused for more than 55 hours a week. Applying automatic power management system can reduce power wasting and can save up to $50 per PC per year. From the global prospective, applying effective power management only in US can save approximately 15 million megawatt hours, enough electricity to light 8 million homes. It would also prevent 6 million tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to removing 1 million cars from the road.

With EMCO Remote Shutdown you can automate shutdown and wake up PCs across your organization to switch them off at the end of the day and switch on the next morning. All operations can be configured according to your needs. For example, you can make auto shutdown of different PC groups in different time, but turn them on simultaneously. Or you can schedule Wake On LAN to repeat every day, except weekends. Configured operations will be executed on defined date and time.

Auto Shutdown and Wake On LAN: Main Features and Benefits

EMCO Remote Shutdown is power management software that allows you making an auto shutdown and wake up PCs across organization. Once configured, it's able to work in a standalone, automatic mode to execute remote operation and manage state of remote PCs according to defined schedule. It is easy to setup and manage using a simple visual interface.

Automatic Task Execution

Setup remote operations for automatic execution on defined date and time. Application automatically tracks configured tasks and launch them when their start conditions are reached.


One-time and Recurrent Tasks

Select recurrence options during a task configuration. You can setup a task for one-time execution in defined date and time or recurrent task to be executed daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Visual Scheduler

Manage task execution schedule using powerful visual scheduler. Change tasks startup conditions by moving them on schedule. Switch schedule preview modes and zoom.


Operating in System Tray

Put operation into a System Tray to run in background and execute scheduled tasks. Add application to Windows autostart folder in order to launch it automatically after reboot.

Task Management

Track status and progress of the remote tasks execution. Terminate task execution on a particular PC or all PCs at once. Get detailed task execution progress information for every PC.


Task Execution Results

Check execution status for every completed task. For every PC, where it was executed, get information about launch time, execution result and troubleshooting info in case of error.

Need more information about EMCO Remote Shutdown features? Take a look at feature list for details.

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