Auto Shutdown and Wake-on-LAN - Software Solution for PC Networks

This power management software allows you to automatically shut down and wake up network PCs. The program can be used to manage all PCs in your organization remotely from a central location. Using scheduling, you can automate shutdown, wake-up, reboot, sleep, hibernate and other operations and execute them at a defined date and time. The program can execute remote operations recurrently on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Latest release: Version 7.3.3

EMCO Remote Shutdown: Auto Shutdown and Wake-on-LAN Tool

EMCO Remote Shutdown allows you to shut down, wake up and execute other operations remotely on network PCs. You can run operations manually or schedule them for automatic execution.

EMCO Remote Shutdown is a software solution that helps you to automate power management operations across your organization. It can work in networks of any complexity, including enterprise networks with multiple domains and workgroups. The program doesn't require using any specific hardware, and it doesn't require you to install any software on remote PCs manually.

Static Targets of a Remote Operation

Auto Shutdown and Wake On LAN: Main Features and Benefits

Remote Operations

The program allows you to execute shutdown, wake-up, reboot, hibernate, sleep, log-off, input devices locking and unlocking and other operations remotely on PCs collected to the network. You can customize remote operations to set an execution timeout, display a message on remote PCs and allow remote users to cancel the executed operation.

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Automatic Shutdown and Wake-Up

Remote operations can be executed manually or automatically by a scheduler. You can create a task that will automatically execute a remote operation at a defined date and time. You can schedule tasks for execution on a regular basis: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The schedule can be managed in the visual editor.

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Static and Dynamic Operation Targets

The program can execute a remote operation on multiple remote PCs at once. You can select a list of target PCs by selecting them manually, or you can enter a query to select target PCs automatically. The query is executed during the execution of a remote operation and reports an up-to-date set of remote PCs.

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Execution Results

For every executed remote operation, the program reports the execution status. The status is reported for every target PC, so you can see where the execution was successful and where it failed. In case of problems, the program reports detailed error information. You can use the reported information to troubleshoot the problem.

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Compare Features and Select the Edition

The program is available in three editions with the different set of the features.
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Free Edition

The Free edition allows creating up to 2 tasks of every type and manage up to 5 remote PCs in a scope of a single operation.

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Professional Edition

The Professional edition allows creating unlimited tasks and does not impose any limitations on the number of PCs that can be managed by a remote operation.

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