Getting Started

EMCO Remote Shutdown is a program that allows you to manage Windows PCs from a central location across a local network. Using the program, you can turn on and off network PCs and perform other operations with one or multiple remote computers on demand and automatically on schedule. The program allows you to execute the following operations remotely:

  • Shut Down, Wake-on-LAN, Restart, Hibernate, Sleep;
  • Sign Out, Lock Session;
  • Lock Input Devices, Unlock Input Devices;
  • Send a Message.

Remote Shutdown

EMCO Remote Shutdown is a solution suitable for all types of Windows networks. It is designed to automate remote operations and allows you to manage any number of network PCs with a few mouse clicks. The following features of the program help you to manage PCs remotely:

  • Working in Windows domains and workgroups. The program can work in networks of any complexity. You can manage PCs located in workgroups and domains. Configurations including multiple domains and workgroups are also supported.
  • No manual agent installation is required. You do not need to install anything manually on remote PCs. The program automatically installs and uninstalls agents remotely. To use the program, you just need to have administrative rights on remote PCs.
  • Managing an unlimited number of PCs in a single operation. Do you need to shut down or wake up thousands of PCs? No problem! Configure a remote operation and run it within seconds. The program is designed to manage a large number of remote PCs simultaneously.
  • Running operations on demand and on schedule. You can execute operations on demand by initiating them manually. You can schedule operations for an automatic execution at a defined date/time. The program can automatically repeat scheduled operations on a regular basis, for example, every day, every week, etc.
  • Managing static and dynamic groups of PCs. Remote operations can be executed for PCs configured statically or dynamically. You can specify a static list of PCs or define queries and filters that select required PCs that meet certain conditions.
  • Reports and notifications for every operation. For every executed operation, you can see a detailed report with information on the execution status for every targeted PC. The reports are displayed in the program, are available through the web and can be sent in e-mail notifications.
  • Client/Server architecture with concurrent access to a server. The program works as client/server. The server part executes all operations and stores the configuration, tasks and other information. It accepts multiple concurrent connections of clients used to manage data and execute operations. All clients share the same data by connecting to the server through a LAN or the Internet.

In the following chapters, you will get a quick overview of the main features of the program. You will learn how the program works, how to scan a network to discover available PCs, how to run a remote operation and check its execution results. You will also learn how to work effectively by creating tasks, scheduling them for an automatic execution and managing dynamic groups of target PCs.

What's Inside