EMCO Remote Shutdown - Screenshots

The screenshots below demonstrate the Look & Feel and the main features of the product. You can click on any screenshot to see its larger image.
Main application screen
The application screen displays a list of scheduled tasks in the middle of the screen. You can see detailed information for every task and task execution results in corresponding views.
Task Definition
When you create a new task, you can specify its name, action, comment and description. Also you have to configure execution time and date or set execution recurrence options.
Task Recurrence Options
Recurrent tasks can be executed according with specified schedule. For recurrent task you can define execution time, schedule start and end date and recurrence pattern according with your needs.
Target PCs Configuration
Every remote task targets a selected PC or a group of PCs. Using checkboxes you select PCs and groups on the network tree where the configured task should be executed.
Task Options
Depending on the type of remote task, you can configure its options. These options define task's behavior. For example, you can enable option to cancel shutdown operation by remote user.
Notification Screen on Remote PC
If remote operation was configured for execution with a timeout, a notification screen appears on the remote desktop. It may show custom message and have an option for operation cancellation.
Task Execution Results
When tasks execution is finished, you can see execution results on the area, located at the bottom of screen. For every PC you can see information about execution status, time and occured errors.
Alternate Credentials
In order to manage various domains, workgroups and PCs you need to have an administrative access to them. If required, you can set different credentials to access different groups and PCs.
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