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Execution of Remote Operations

Remote Operation Targets

The program is designed to manage multiple remote PCs in scope of a single remote operation. Operation targets can be configured statically by selecting target PCs or dynamically by defining a query that reports target PCs.

5 remote PCs
Unlimited remote PCs
Unlimited remote PCs

Manual Execution of Remote Operations

Run remote operations manually when required.

Scheduled Execution of Remote Operations

Create tasks to execute remote operations automatically on schedule. You can create tasks to shut down, wake up or to execute other supported operations. Scheduled tasks can be executed once at a defined date/time or recurrently on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

2 tasks of every type
Unlimited tasks
Unlimited tasks
Supported Remote Operations

Power Management

Shut down, Wake-on-LAN, Restart, Hibernate and Sleep of remote PCs.

Session Management

Sign Out and Lock Session on remote PCs.

Input Devices Management

Lock and Unlock the keyboard and the mouse on remote PCs.

Remote Administration

Send a text message to remote PCs.

Advanced Configuration of Remote Operations

Display a text message before executing a remote operation, specify a timeout and allow remote users to cancel the operation.

Custom Configuration for Operations

Override global configuration settings used by all operations and specify a custom configuration for an operation, if required.

Client/Server Features and Remote Connecting

Client/Server Architecture

Run the program as a client-server. A server works as a Windows service, hence executing of remote operations on schedule continue running even after you have closed a client, switched Windows accounts or logged off from Windows. A client is a Windows program that allows the user to configure remote operations, check execution results, etc.

Local Clients

Connect to a server running on the same PC. The program allows multiple Windows users to run clients and connect to the same server concurrently.

1 client
2 clients
Unlimited clients

Remote Clients Connection

Connect to a remote server running on a computer located in the same Windows network. Multiple remote clients can connect and work with the same server concurrently.

Unlimited clients

Internet Clients Connection

Connect to a remote server through the Internet. The server supports concurrent access by multiple clients.

Unlimited clients

Web Access to Execution Results of Remote Operations

Review execution results of remote operations through the web without installing a GUI client.

Customizable User Permissions

Configure users that can access the program and specify their permissions to launch remote operations, create tasks, etc. The program can be configured using the Windows principals and the customizable roles specified for them.