Remote PC Power Management - Software Solution for Computer Networks

This automatic PC power management software allows you to manage network PCs remotely. You can perform a Shutdown, Wake-on-LAN, Reboot or other operations on network PCs remotely. You can manage multiple PCs at once and schedule power management operations, so the network PCs will be turned on and off according to your custom automatic power management scheme. This allows reducing electric power consumption in your organization.

Latest release: Version 7.3.3

EMCO Remote Shutdown: Remote PC Power Management Tool

EMCO Remote Shutdown is a PC power management tool that allows you to automate the wake-up and shutdown of network PCs in your organization. An automatic power management allows you to reduce the electric power consumption.

The main advantage of using EMCO Remote Shutdown as a PC power management solution is the simplicity of its setup and maintenance. You don't need to change or upgrade your network hardware since the program can successfully run on the existing one. You can set up and run the program in your environment within a few minutes.

Remote Operation Settings

Remote PC Power Management: Main Features and Benefits

Remote Power Management

You can manage network PCs with a single mouse click by executing shutdown, wake-up, reboot, sleep, hibernate, session lock, log-off and other operations remotely on PCs connected to your network. You can display a message to remote users before executing an operation and allow the users to cancel the operation.

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Manage Multiple Remote PCs

In scope of a single remote operation, you can manage multiple remote PCs. You can select target PCs manually in the program or specify a query for selecting target PCs automatically during operation execution. You can save the target PC configuration as a collection that can be used for quick configuring of remote operations.

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Automatic PC Power Management

You can run remote power management operations manually or create a task and schedule it for automatic execution at a defined date/time. The program allows creating tasks scheduled for one-time execution or recurrent tasks that should be executed regularly. Recurrent tasks can be executed daily, weekly or monthly.

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Ready for Enterprise Networks

The program can work in networks of any complexity. You can manage PCs that are located in multiple domains and workgroups remotely. The program doesn't require using any specific hardware or installing anything on remote PCs manually. To manage remote PCs, you need to have access with administrative permissions.

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Compare Features and Select the Edition

The program is available in three editions with the different set of the features.
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Free Edition

The Free edition is freeware that allows managing up to 5 PCs in a single remote operation. This edition allows scheduling up to 2 tasks for every supported operation.

- Free to use -

Professional Edition

The Professional edition doesn't limit the number of PCs that can be managed by a single remote operation. Neither does this edition limit the number of created tasks.

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