Advantages and Benefits

Below is a list of top advantages and unique features that distinguish the product among others on the market

Distribute and Deploy Software and Updates Remotely

We all live in the world where everything is changing fast; especially it applies to software applications. Every organization has tens or even hundreds applications that should be installed, re-installed or updated often. Number of used applications and required updates continuously grows together with the efforts required for software maintenance and the budget for this task. EMCO MSI Package Builder was a specially designed to save your efforts and costs each time when you install or update applications. It allows you to make these actions remotely by preparing new or converting existing installations to MSI packages, ready for silent remote deployment through Group Policy or EMCO Remote Installer. Thus you can make mass remote deployment instead installing software manually each time.

Convert Existing Installations into MSI Packages for Remote Deployment

Remote installation tools, such as Group Policy or EMCO Remote Installer, have a specific requirements for installations that can be deployed remotely. Such installations should work in the silent mode, i.e. without any interaction with user. Most installations aren't able to work in the silent mode, but EMCO MSI Package Builder can repackage them to produce a silent MSIs, ready for remote deployment. Repackaging procedure can be applied for various installations - EXE, MSI, BAT, etc. and doesn't require any specific actions - you just need to activate monitoring mechanism that will track all installation actions and follow installation procedure using installation wizard. When installation will be completed, you need to stop monitoring mechanism and can generate MSI.

Use Most Advanced Technology for Installations Repackaging

EMCO MSI Package Builder is known as the most advanced installation repacking tool on the market, because of applying an innovative 'Live Monitoring' technology. Unlike snapshots comparing technology, used in other repackaging tools, 'Live Monitoring' technology doesn't create any snapshots, but, instead, integrates with operating system to track changes on fly. As the result, you always have monitoring results immediately after stopping of monitoring and you don't need to store large snapshots and wait a long time for their comparison. And, what is the most important; for MSI generation you always use only changes performed by monitored installation, but not changes performed by other processes working in background. With the snapshots comparing technology, it's impossible to get changes only for particular repackaged installation and filter out the rest of changes.

Customize Existing Installations

When you make installation repackaging using EMCO MSI Package Builder, you have an access to the content of produced MSI package and can change it, if required. It is very helpful when you need to customize or extend the original installation. For example, you can change installation folder, add a shortcut to the desktop, add additional files or, even, modify files and other resources that are a part of the original installation.

Transform Any Activity into MSI Package

EMCO MSI Package Builder offers a brand new, visual way for installations building. Using it, even non-IT people can create MSI packages. Instead of creation installation model with set of installation resources and actions manually, you can rely on 'Live Monitoring' that will create it automatically for you. All what you need to do - just to activate monitoring and perform required actions in Windows Explorer, Regedit and other tools. All your actions will be automatically tracked and transformed to installation model used to generate MSI that will do same actions in scope of installation.

Build Your First MSI in Less Than 10 Minutes

Traditionally, installation tools are associated with toys for IT geeks, who like to write a complicated installation scripts. But EMCO MSI Package Builder is able to change such opinion. Really, EMCO MSI Package Builder displays installation model on the screen in a clear visual form and allows changing it through an intuitive visual editor. You don't need to write any scripts to get installation to work. This concept was successfully proven on practice, because less than 10 minutes is required for the first touch with the interface to start creating MSI packages.