EMCO MSI Package Builder - Feature List

Here you can find a complete list of the product features. All features come with detailed explanations and some of them have links to correspondent screenshots, so you can get an idea how they can be used on practice.
MSI Creation Approach
Manual Creation Using Visual Editors  
An MSI package can be generated using the manually created installation project. In this case all installation resources together with their installation actions are manually defined using special visual editors.
Automatic Creation Based on Monitoring Results  
The unique 'Live Monitoring' technology can be used to track all changes on file system and registry. These changes are transformed to installation project and used for automatic MSI package generation.
Installations Wrapping  
Wrap existing one or multiple silent installations in a single MSI package that installs included installations silently. You have to specify silent keys for every included installation.
MSI Importing  
Import an MSI package previously created by the application to modify it and generate a customized installation.
Supported Installation Resources
Files and Folders  
Create or delete a folder. Create, delete or modify a file. Update file contents.
System Folders  
Installation paths to file system resources can be defined using special system folders that are converted to OS-specific values during installation. It guarantees resources installation to right system directories, for example to the Program Files, regardless of their different locations or names on different platforms.
Registry Keys and Values  
Create or delete a registry key. Create, delete or modify a String, Binary, DWORD, Multi-String and Expandable String registry value.
Environment Variables  
Create or delete an user or system environment variable.
Create a shortcut. Configure its name, target, start folder, run parameters, start arguments and comment.
Create, delete or manage a service. Set or change its state, start options, arguments, execution account and dependencies.
Create, delete or manage a driver. Basic drivers and driver packages are supported.
Resource Management Options
File Attributes Management  
Set or modify Read Only, Hidden, System and Compressed file attributes.
Permanence Option for Files  
Set a special option to prevent file deletion on uninstall.
Update Options for Registry Values  
Update existing String, Multi-String and Expandable String registry values to replace existing content or append/prepend new content to existing.
Permanence Option for Registry Keys and Values  
Set a special option to prevent registry key or value deletion on uninstall.
Conditional Creation and Deletion of Environment Variables  
Create environment variable only if it doesn't exist. Delete environment variable if its value is equal to configured parameter.
Update Options for Environment Variables  
Update existing environment variable to replace existing content or append/prepend new content to existing.
Licensing and Pricing Options
Flexible Licensing and Pricing Options  
You can order a license for a single administrator or for unlimited administrators depending on a number of users of the application.
From $599 From $795
Product Facts

Did you know that MSI Package Builder uses innovation technology that allows capturing installation data on the fly?

Did you know that 'Live Monitoring' technology has an extremely capture performance because based on Kernel Mode Drivers instead of comparing huge volumes of data?

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