EXE to MSI Converter - an Automatic Installation Repackaging Solution

EMCO MSI Package Builder is an advanced EXE to MSI converter helps you to repackage legacy installations into silent MSI packages in order to prepare them for a remote unattended deployment by means of Group Policy (GPO) or other tools. You can convert EXE to an MSI file in an automatic mode using the installation capturing technology. This technology tracks file system and registry changes performed by the original installation and uses the captured results to generate an MSI package.

New release: Version 11.1.3July 10, 2024

EMCO MSI Package Builder: EXE to MSI Repackaging Tool

EMCO MSI Package Builder is an MSI authoring tool created to help administrators prepare installations for an unattended remote deployment. It features a specially designed installation capturing technology that makes it possible to convert EXE to MSI automatically with no effort. EXE to MSI repackaging features are available in all editions of the application.

How to convert EXE to MSI using EMCO MSI Package Builder? You can repackage an installation automatically using the capturing technology, which will track all the changes performed by the installation process and generate an MSI package for you.

Installation repackaging overview

EXE to MSI Converting: Features and Benefits

Automatic EXE to MSI Transformation

You can convert EXE to MSI using the installation capturing technology, which tracks all file system and registry changes. In order to create an MSI from EXE, you can launch and follow the installation process in the course of which all your changes will be tracked and used for generation of an MSI package performing the same changes.

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Advanced Repackaging Technology

The installation capturing technology used for EXE to MSI repackaging provides more accurate results then other technologies. Not only can it to detect file system and registry changes, but also associate every change with the process it was initiated by. As a result, you can easily find and filter out unwanted changes.

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Preparing Installations for a Remote Deployment

If you have an installation that doesn't satisfy the requirements of Group Policy and other tools for remote installation, you can prepare it for a remote deployment by converting it to a silent MSI package. The typical case is creating MSI packages for legacy EXE installations, but you can also convert other types of installations to an MSI.

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Converting EXE Installs to Silent MSI Packages

Transform interactive EXE setups that require manual installation to silent MSI packages ready for an automatic unattended installation. Capture manual installation of the original setup file to get an MSI package capable of reproducing the installation process. The MSI can work in a silent mode and can be deployed remotely.

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Compare Features and Select the Edition

The program is available in three editions with the different set of the features.
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Professional Edition

The Professional Edition includes the Live Monitoring technology used to capture installation changes and generate an MSI package from the captured results. This edition allows performing EXE to MSI repackaging of basic legacy installations. The program allows installations repackaging on the local machine.

Architect Edition

The Architect Edition includes all the available MSI repackaging features and can generate MSI packages, App-V and MSIX/AppX packages from the same project data, so you can select the required output format depending on your needs. You can use this edition to convert existing Windows applications to App-V and MSIX/AppX packages. This edition allows installations monitoring on the local machine or on existing Hyper-V, VMware and VirtualBox VMs.

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