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We are very stasified with the product

I am working in TV 2 in Norway, and I am responsible for the desktops in the company, that is defining a standard and controlling OS deployment as well as deployment of applications. I have been working for a year with another product, that just didn't do the job. Our msi packages sometimes failed without a obvious reason.

I started looking at other software applications for creating msi packages easily and I tried Emco as the last product. I found after browsing the internet, and I have tried it for a few weeks. We are very stasified with the product because it is so easy to use, and not least that it gets the job done.

Espen H. Haga

IT Department


I am in no doubt MSI Package Builder will help us tremendously

I would like to extend my profound delight and gratitude to all those involved in making your MSI Package Builder software what it is today.

I cannot believe how simple and elegant the interface is, and I have been able to easily visualise the changes to a system in a way I could not have thought possible; the categorisation of changes by process is fabulous!

We are using the Citrix XenApp Packager to virtualise and stream our applications to all our XenApp servers; it is however very basic and is a laborious process for non simple applications.

This week we encountered many problems with once such application. The Citrix Packager did not like it one bit. I attempted to create an MSI using the free WinINSTALL LE MSI creator, to which I could then feed into the Citrix Packager, but it crashed and failed to create a usable MSI file. I resorted to find a better MSI packager.

I spent a whole day trying trail editions from various vendors without success. Unfortunately EMCO was not in the top of my search results, but when I found the trial edition of EMCO's MSI Enterprise Packager, I had within minutes identified many items in my package to tweak and delete and had created a perfectly clean MSI package really easily. This MSI package worked first time when fed into the Citrix Profiler and worked wonderfully.

I am in no doubt this utility will help us tremendously, and will save us many hours of work.

Andrew Ford

ICT Technical Officer

asra Housing Group

Your product does all the things I have always wanted

We have purchased EMCO Network Inventory 4.5 and EMCO MSI Package Builder. I found your website via google, whilst searching for a network inventory tool which allowed you to search for specific files and their version. I then found your MSI Package Builder to be very helpful and both packages are very user friendly.

The product we currently use for network inventory, will certainly be replaced with EMCO Network Inventory, as your product does all the things I have always wanted. Your product is also much more cost effective, which allowed me to be able to purchase your MSI package.

You have many interesting packages on your web site, which I will be looking at and evaluating over the course of this year, with the view to putting into our budget for 2007. I just wish I had found your web site before now.

Darren Lloyd

IS Supervisor


Effective, Easy to use, Simple and Straight Forward - Recommended

Easy to un-pack existing .msi files and repackage into your own requirements, easy to create your own new packages, great for monitoring and capturing software during installs to create your own thing. We didn't think we would use it as much as we have this has been excellent for our college of 420+ nodes. We have the now Enterprise edition. EMCO support is excellent. As good as any 50million dollar over priced over the top solution for MSI packaging and deployment. It gets the job done and well.

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This unique product is exactly what I need

Time-to-time I should install software to user's computers and it always takes a long time and requires many efforts, because our offices are straggled over the building in the different floors. Time ago my colleague told me about that tool, which helps him a lot with software installation. Yesterday I had a task to install Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop tools to the 37 user desktops, so it was a good chance to try it on practice.

I spent 10 minutes for reading Quick Start in Help and created Adobe Acrobat MSI 10 minutes later. It was really exiting - I needed just to start monitoring, which tracks on changes performed on computer, then start Acrobat installation and after stopping of monitoring MSI can be automatically created. I can't believe that it's a truth, therefore I tried to install created MSI on different computers and it works well without any prompt to specifying a path for installation and other annoying things, which you should perform again and again when installing software on different computers. After trying functionality of installed Acrobat from created MSI package I found that it works by the same way as the standard distribution.

Magic of this tool continues when I started MSI Remote Installer, which is a part of the distribution. Using this tool I was able to select computers, which require Acrobat installation and install it from my computer. I repeated procedure also with Photoshop and it went smoothly as well.

A really unique tool - I spent less than one hour for playing with a tool and installing software on 37 computers - great result.

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Stable, reliable, and simple remote system for managing software deployment

The EMCO Remote Installer/MSI Package Builder software suite has empowered our firm with a stable, reliable, and simple remote system for managing software deployment and removal across our network. The ability to easily generate your own custom .msi packages, and deploy them remotely network-wide... is _essential_ automation.

David Austin

Technical Director


I am quite amazed on how easy it is to package software

I have tested your product and I am quite amazed on how easy it is to package software and roll it out. And I wanted to comment on your support thus far has been outstanding.

Bill Mounsey

Louisiana Supreme Court