Welcome to EMCO MSI Package Builder. The program is designed to help you with repackaging of non-silent installations into silent MSI packages, virtual App-V packages and MSIX/AppX packages. This allows you to deploy repackaged installations remotely using any of software distribution tools, Microsoft Application Virtualization technology, Windows Store, sideloading or local distribution network. You can also use the program to create and test silent custom installations quickly and easily. This manual provides you with a detailed description of the program's features and shows you how to use these features in practice.


Downloading the Program

You can download the program on the Downloads page of the website. The download includes a free 30-days trial of the Architect edition of the program. It provides access to all the available features. You can compare the features of the different editions on the Compare Editions page of the website.

You can use an evaluation version during 30 days. After this period, you have to register the program to continue using it. Packages generated by an evaluation copy have some limitations: they can be deployed during 30 days following their generation date and are displayed with the evaluation mark in Windows Programs and Features after being deployed.

Using Documentation

The program is designed to provide you with an easy and straightforward approach to repackaging third-party installations and creating customized installations in the MSI, App-V and MSIX/AppX formats. To repackage an installation, you just need to follow the steps of the repackaging wizard, and you will get an automatically generated MSI, App-V or MSIX/AppX in the end. It means that you can use the program without referring to the documentation.

If you wish to get an overview of the program features, to understand how the program works and to see how to use the main features in practice, you can read the Getting Started guide. To get more information about the program features, you can refer to the corresponding chapters of this manual.

This manual describes the features of the Enterprise edition of the program. If you use a different edition, you can notice that some features described here are missing in your copy of the application. You can download the product manual for your edition of the application as a PDF file using the corresponding link on the left. The same PDF manual is distributed together with the application, so you can find it in the application folder after installation. Finally, you can press F1 in the application to open the manual in the Help file format.

Getting Help

If you see that a generated MSI, App-V or MSIX/AppX package doesn't work as required, first you need to check if the repackaging best practices were followed during the repackaging since the repackaging results depend on the compliance with the repackaging requirements and other aspects. You can learn more about this in the Overview of the Repackaging Best Practices chapter. You can also refer to MSI Packages Testing and Troubleshooting to learn about the general troubleshooting recommendations.

To get help on a problem, you can also contact support. Please send us the problem details including the name and the version of the installation you try to repackage, the OS name and the platform (x86 or x64) of your repackaging environment, and the problem description. This information should help the support team to reproduce the problem and provide you with troubleshooting instructions.