Detailed Log

Remote Installer maintains a detailed log while running an install, uninstall or repair process on a remote Machine. Such a log contains installer log and information on the execution and output of the custom actions. The Windows Installer Log settings used during install, uninstall and repair processes are configured on the Windows Installer Log preference page and can be overridden for each deployment package used to deploy a Windows Installer Package.

The generated log is retrieved from each remote Machine after the operation is completed and is stored in the program database. To review this log, you should first select the operation result row in the Execution Results view. The link to the detailed log, if there is any, is available in the Event Details pane, which is visible by default, and in the Additional Info column, which is hidden by default Pic 1.

The link to the detailed log

Pic 1. The link to the detailed log

Next, you should simply click the Detailed Log link and the log will be displayed on the screen in a new window Pic 2.

The detailed log

Pic 2. The detailed log

You can review the logged information right in the embedded editor, print it or save to file for future analysis and processing.

Now you are introduced to the detailed log feature of Remote Installer and will always be able to get all required information about the install, uninstall or repair processes.