Network Management

Remote Installer interaction with the network is designed in a way that enables a fast and easy search for Machines all over the network and their subsequent processing. Remote Installer saves the network structure in its database and shows it in form of a tree. Automatic scan results are displayed within the Network node in the Network view and can be used to create Collections. The Collections group Machines and Queries used to fetch Machines to define the scopes of Machines to be operated. All available Machines are also displayed in the All Machines view as long as there is any data referenced by those Machines. If the current user account does not have sufficient rights to access the remote Machines, the ability to specify network credentials comes to your help. You are enabled to provide specific credentials for both domains and individual Machines.

The purpose of this chapter is letting you know how to manage the representation of your network structure in the program, how to provide credentials to access specific Machines and how to operate remote Machines.

What's Inside