Prepare Inventory Report

Collecting information from remote computers is only a part of inventory task. Usually, the asset information should be composed into printable reports for the management or further reference by IT team. Network Inventory provides few easy ways to prepare reports. First, you can save information displayed on screen in various formats if you click on the Export Displayed button. Second, you can generate a set of detailed predefined reports. Third, you can your own custom reports.

All reports are customizable. It means that you can change the title page and put your name and company logo to it. To customize report select File > Preferences... item from the main menu and go to the Report tab. Change report Title, Description and set Author and Company Logo. Pic 1 Press OK button to apply settings.

Report customization options

Pic 1. Report customization options

Let's create inventory report in PDF format for all PC. To generate the report select Reports > Machine Data > Export to File > All item from the main menu. On the appeared Field Output Selection dialog you can choose what data should be included into the report. Pic 2

Field Output Selection dialog

Pic 2. Field Output Selection dialog

Make you selection, press OK and proceed to the Save As dialog where you need to enter the file name and choose Adobe Acrobat Document as output format. Press Save button to generate the report and open it in the Acrobat Reader. You can see logo and customized captions on the title page. Pic 3

Report title page

Pic 3. Report title page

Other pages contain information selected for inclusion into the report. Pic 4

PC Summary report

Pic 4. PC Summary report

Now you are familiar with a sample of building a report and configuring the report presentation and can create inventory reports fast and easy.