Deployment Account Page

Remote Installer can perform deployment on remote Machines either using a specific deployment account or an account representing the local system. When performed from a user account, both per-machine and per-user deployments are possible. From the local system account, only per-machine deployment can be performed. It is also possible to use Remote Installer to perform remote deployment interactively in a session of a currently logged-on user, if required. All these options are available for configuration on the Deployment Account preference page Pic 1. To reach the Deployment Account page, you should open the program preferences using the Preferences button from the Application Menu and click the Deployment Account link in the navigation bar on the left of the Preferences dialog within the Installer group.

Choosing a deployment account

Pic 1. Choosing a deployment account

You can choose among the following options: Network Administrator Account, Local System Account and Logged-On User Account.

When the Network Administrator Account is chosen, Remote Installer launches the installer using the same account as used to connect to the remote Machine, either the local one or the one specified in the network credentials. For this option, you can enable the interactive deployment mode. In this mode, the installation setup wizard will be displayed in the session of the currently logged-on user. Using this option, you can execute both per-machine and per-user deployments.

To be able to run deployment interactively and to access network shares when using the Network Administrator Account option, it is required that the network credentials should be provided explicitly in the Credentials view.

The Local System Account option allows you to perform per-machine deployments with maximum available permissions on a remote Machine. It should be used only for installations that require such permissions, which are very rare. For this option, it is also possible to allow interactive deployment, if required.

The Logged-On User Account option should be used to deploy applications that are installed per user when the logged-on user needs to provide certain information for the deployment to succeed. In this mode, the deployment is always executed interactively.

For detailed information on the situations when each of these options can and should be used, refer to the How should I choose the account to be used for deployment? section of this document.

The Deployment Account preference page is used to configure the common settings, which are by default applied to all deployment operations, but you can override those for each operation within the deployment configuration wizard.