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Network Scan

The network scan feature is available via both the Enumeration Wizard, the shortcut items within the Network Ribbon group, and the Network Browser pane pop-up menu. Network scan is an automated process of searching your entire network for available remote Machines to be later processed by Remote Shutdown. The scan is performed in accordance with the specified Enumeration Options.

Scan Network

Scan Network

The Scan Network button from the Network Ribbon group should be used to scan the entire network for Machines and add them to the Network Browser for further processing.

The network scan pane is used to configure the enumeration process to be executed. Here you can specify if you wish to search for Machines available in the entire network or just in particular Groups. Pic 1 If you want to scan only specific Groups, they should be checked within the Groups list. The Refresh Groups button should be used to synchronize the Groups list displayed with current network state.

The Network Scan pane

Pic 1. The Network Scan pane

After pressing the Scan button, the enumeration process is initiated as a result of which the Network Browser pane is filled with Machines found. Pic 2

A result of automatic network enumeration

Pic 2. A result of automatic network enumeration

The Machines found during an automatic network scan and added to Network Browser can be used for future processing and building the Custom Grouping structure.