Operations' Execution Results

The operation execution results are stored either within the execution results or in the log depending on the operation type.

The execution results part of the program database stores all results of business operations performed on remote Machines grouping them by runs. You can review those results within the Execution Results view. For each run, you can see the operation name, the operation type, the execution type and brief execution statistics. Under each run, you can find detailed results info grouped by Machines and Groups those Machines belong to.

The log is designed to store information on supplementary operations' results and other events taking place while the program is running. For example, the results of enumerating a network for Machines performed either for building the network structure or while executing machine queries is stored within the log. The log also contains events that are not directly connected to remote operations and merely provide you with details on the program lifecycle. Such events are displayed in the Log view.

Both the execution results and the log are designed so as to help you to analyze the operation execution results and to troubleshoot problems taking place while the program is in use. The execution results and the log databases may grow continually, thus slowing down the program loading and response time. To prevent this, you can either delete execution results and clear the log manually or allow the program to perform the clean-up automatically on a regular basis. The options for deleting execution results and events automatically are available on the Execution Results and Log Configuration preference pages.

In this chapter, we will explain how to analyze execution results and the log to ensure that operations have been completed successfully or to troubleshoot possible problems. We will also describe the option of exporting execution results and logged events into a simple format.

What's Inside