Operating Remote Machines

The main purpose of Remote Shutdown is to provide you with an easy-to-use power management tool that allows you to operate Machines over your network. Using the program, you can perform Wake-on-LAN, shutdown, restart, hibernate, sleep, sign out and lock session operations; lock and unlock input devices on remote Machines; send messages to users on remote Machines. You can either execute each and every operation immediately, or create and schedule a preconfigured tasks to launch the operation in future.

The Free edition of Remote Shutdown allows you to manage up to five Machines in the scope of a single remote operation. To manage any number of Machines you should upgrade to the commercial editions of the program and purchase a license. In the trial mode, the program allows you to operate up to 25 Machines in the scope of a single operation.

Remote Shutdown comes with a wide range of configuration options that allow you to set up the program to operate Machines from any network segment without any difficulties with just a single click. This chapter is aimed at introducing you to the main features of Remote Shutdown and helping you to configure the program and the remote Machines' hardware for using the program features. After reading this part, you will gain a better understanding of the concept used in the program and be able to use it in the future without any problems.

What's Inside