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Ping Monitor Client-Server Concept

The Professional edition of Ping Monitor is shipped as a client-server application, thus allowing to perform hosts monitoring and generate regular reports with no logged-on user session required. The server part is represented with the EMCO Ping Monitor Professional Server 5 Windows service, and the client part is the program that is running in a user session. When you are launching the program, it connects to the server and allows you to manage the monitoring process, hosts and reports. As the program is exited, the client is disconnected from the server that keeps running on background. By default, the service is configured to start up together with the underlying operating system, thus allowing you to start monitoring as soon as the hosting PC is up and running in case the corresponding automation option is enabled (it is enabled initially). If you would like it to be started manually, you can change the configuration through the Services snap-in of the Computer Management console. As the client program is launched, it detects if the server is running and proposes you to start it, if it is required. You can also stop the service after closing the client program, if required, through the same snap-in.