Ping Monitor comes with a built in feature of generating statistical reports based on the historical data gathered while monitoring remote hosts connectivity. The generated reports can be sent to you via e-mail and stored either locally or on an FTP server. You can generate a generic report for any period of time any time you want. It is also possible to save preconfigured reports to be generated either on demand or automatically on a regular basis.

There are two different types of reports; those are the Summary and the Detailed ones. The summary reports provide you with a brief information on monitors availability and performance in a form of a table, where each row represents a single host from the report members. The detailed report contains a wider range of data and consists of multiple sections, where each section stands for a single host. Within a section, you can find the monitoring activity, response time and availability characteristics. The cumulative characteristics are amplified with the graphical representation of the characteristics dynamic in time for the report period. The presentation and the actual set of displayed characteristics depends on the report output settings.

In the following chapters, we will provide you with the detailed description of the reports configuration process.

What's Inside