Monitoring Connectivity

The main goal of Ping Monitor is to provide you with easy-to-use connection monitoring features. After you have added and configured the hosts to monitor, you are ready to start the monitoring process. As soon as the process is started, the program checks for the monitoring status changes using the options defined on the Monitoring Settings preference page. During this process the monitoring data is gathered by the program, to allow you review the overall monitoring statistics for each host and build performance and availability reports for required periods of time. The mentioned reports are covered in details in the Reporting section of this document.

The monitoring process for each host can either be inactive, running or paused. Those states can be either controlled manually or by the program regarding the automation and monitoring intervals options defined in the program preferences and per host. While the monitoring process is paused, the ping packets are not sent to the remote hosts and the ping statistics stays the same until the monitoring process is resumed.

The host can be in one of three states, those are: Online, Offline and Unknown. These states are based on a monitoring status. If the monitoring status is Connection Established or Connection Restored, than the host is treated as online; if the monitoring status is Connection Not Established or Connection Lost, than the host is treated as offline; for other statuses the state is unknown.

Ping Monitor can notify you when the host goes online or offline via e-mail, balloon or sounds. These ways of notifications are enabled on the Notifications preference page. You can choose which notification is enabled for each trigger. Also any kind of actions can be performed on these triggers with an ability to specify the delay for each action.

The main characteristic of the monitored host is its uptime – the percentage of the monitoring time the host was online. The time period when the host is offline is called an outage. Each outage is detected regarding the condition defined in the monitoring settings. This and other information on the host availability and performance is available in the data gathered during the monitoring process.

In this chapter we will go throw all the aspects of monitoring activity management and describe the data gathered during hosts monitoring in details.

What's Inside