Events Logging

Ping Monitor stores the events taken place during hosts monitoring and when executing generic operations. The monitoring events are stored per host and are available for reviewing in the Event table of the detailed host statistics. Those events, that are not directly connected to hosts monitoring, are displayed within the Log view.

Both the event viewers and the log are designed in a manner that helps you easily analyze the monitored host status changes and troubleshoot problems taking place while the program is in use. The events databases may grow continually, thus slowing down the program loading and response time. To prevent this, you can either clear the event logs manually, or allow the program to perform the clean-up automatically on a regular basis. The options for automatic events deletion are available on the Monitoring Statistics and Log Configuration preference pages.

In this chapter, we will explain how to analyze the events views and the log and describe the option of exporting events to a simple format.

What's Inside