App-V Packaging

Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) for Windows allows deploying applications in real-time to any client from a virtual application server. Virtual applications are installed on a virtualization server and are delivered (streamed) to clients on demand. App-V thus allows centralized installation and management of deployed applications. It supports policy based access control; administrators can define and restrict access to the applications by certain users, or on certain computers, by defining policies governing the usage.

With a streaming-based implementation, the App-V client needs to be installed on the client machines. Users launch virtual applications from familiar access points and interact with them as if they were installed locally.

Using MSI Package Builder you can create App-V packages from scratch or repackage existing Windows applications into App-V packages. You can use installations monitoring to package existing installations into App-V packages. The repackaging process is identical to repackaging into MSI, described in the previous chapters.

What's Inside