MSIX Packaging

MSIX is a new packaging format introduced by Microsoft in 2018 as a successor of the AppX technology. It was designed to deploy Windows applications on desktops, servers, mobile and other devices running Windows 10 or later OS. Applications deployed as MSIX packages run in a container, so that applications and their child processes are isolated. File system and registry operations are redirected and some security restrictions are applied.

You can use MSI Package Builder to create new MSIX packages from scratch or repackage existing Windows applications to the MSIX format. Application packaging into MSIX works on the same way as packaging to MSI, so you can use installations monitoring to create a new MSIX package, as described in the previous chapters. Note that MSIX applications work in isolated containers, so if the original application wasn’t designed to work in isolated environment, you may need to configure MSIX fixups to let it work properly, as described in the following chapters.

What's Inside