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How should I formulate the Extended License request?

The Extended License is used to prolong the evaluation period to get a closer look at EMCO MSI Package Builder Architect. This feature can be reached by choosing the appropriate option in the Evaluation Wizard. Here we'll give you the recommendations on filling the Request extended evaluation form Pic 1.

The Request Extended Evaluation form

Pic 1. The Request Extended Evaluation form

In the Request extended evaluation form you should obligatory specify your name in the Name field, company name in the Company field and your e-mail address in the E-mail field.


Though the Comment field is optional it is strongly recommended to use this field for providing EMCO Software with the reason of requesting the Extended License. Please notice that EMCO Software reserves the right to decline the request without providing a requester with any explanations.

If the extended license request is approved by EMCO Software experts you'll receive the License Code to the e-mail address specified.