Where can I get my License Code?

After you have purchased the license for using EMCO MSI Package Builder our experts will generate the License Code and send it to you via e-mail to the address you have specified during the purchasing process. You are supposed to receive two e-mail messages – one with the License Code written in the message body and one with the attached text file (license.txt), containing the license. It is your choice to use any message because both License Codes are identical.

To activate the program the License Code received via e-mail should be copied and pasted to the program activation form Pic 1. This form can be reached using the Enter License Code button from the Information group on the Ribbon bar or by choosing the appropriate option in the Evaluation Wizard.

Activating EMCO MSI Package Builder

Pic 1. Activating EMCO MSI Package Builder

To activate MSI Package Builder, copy and paste the License Code to the input field and press Activate - the program will be restarted to activate.