Proxy Settings Page

MSI Package Builder requires an Internet connection to support the Live Update and Feedback features. Therefore, if a proxy server has to be used to connect to the Internet, it should be configured on the Proxy Settings preference page Pic 1. To access this page, click the Preferences button from the Application Menu and select the appropriate link in the navigation bar on the left in the Preferences dialog within the Miscellaneous group.

Proxy Settings

Pic 1. Proxy Settings

On this page Pic 1, you may choose among three variants of the proxy configuration to be used by the program. If Auto-detect proxy settings for this network is chosen, the program uses the settings predefined in the Internet Explorer. If MSI Package Builder does not have to use a proxy server to connect to the Internet, the Direct connection to the Internet option should be chosen. The Manual proxy configuration option allows you to provide the proxy server address and port manually.

Both for the automatic detection and manual configuration, it is possible to specify if the proxy server requires authentication and what credentials should be used to connect to the proxy server.