Environmental Variables

Network Inventory allows you to collect information on the environmental variables registered in the Operating System on any Machine. To get a list of environmental variables first of all check the Environmental Variables option on the Settings tab under the System Information Scan Options. If you want to collect also the variables for the currently logged on user and shell folders select the following options under the Environmental Variables one. Then select the Machines you want to retrieve a list of environmental variables for and choose Update Selected option from the drop-down of the Update button located on the tool bar above the Machine Tree. As soon as the update process completes you are about to see the environmental variables list for the Machine by selecting its Environmental Variables child node in the Machine Tree. Pic 1

The list of environmental variables for the Machine

Pic 1. The list of environmental variables for the Machine

You can add a environmental variable to this list manually, remove the environmental variable from this list, edit each variable, export this list to any format or create a report containing this information.