Analyzing Log

The main purpose of the Log view is to help you understand if the execution has succeeded and troubleshoot problems if any have occurred. Each entry in the log has a severity icon, a title, and a description, and possibly a hint on solving the problem, if any. From the title, you can understand which operation has been performed and which resource has been operated; the description provides you with the result message, a hint is used to provide you with an advice on solving the problem, if any; and the severity icon can be used to quickly understand if the operation has fully succeeded.

For example, let us take a closer look at the following result set in the log Pic 1.

Sample logged events

Pic 1. Sample logged events

The picture above shows the set of result we received after performing an operation. As we can see, most of the logged events are informational, but some stand for problems. We need to find out what caused the problem and what should be done to avoid it in future. Also, it may be interesting to go through the warnings to see if anything wrong is going on.

After the events have been reviewed and all the problems have been solved, you can run the operation again and ensure that it completes successfully.