Reviewing Monitoring Events

Ping Monitor allows you to review each and every event that has happened while monitoring connection to a remote host. The per host events are available on the Events page of the Details view Pic 1. Each entry in the view has a severity icon, a title and a description. From the title, you can understand which event is logged; the description provides you with the detailed message; and the severity icon can be used to quickly understand if the event needs hight level of attention.

Host monitoring events

Pic 1. Host monitoring events

The events in the Details view cover all aspects of host monitoring. They state when the monitoring was started and stopped, displaying brief session statistics on stop; they show when the connection status has changed, and display if there any problems with sending notifications and performing custom actions for the host being reviewed.

Quite often, you do not need to review the detailed list of events for each host, but would like to get to know quickly the connections status changes that took place, without browsing events for each and every host. The events available on the Connectivity Events view are used to solve the task.

Connectivity Events

Pic 2. Connectivity Events

From this view, you can always get information only for important connection status changes. The view is optimized for displaying the connection status changes only and provides you with an ability to group by status and/or host.

We hope you'll find it comfortable to review both detailed per host monitoring events and connectivity events.