Windows Installer Advanced Options

Remote Installer enables you to provide a set of advanced configuration parameters for each install, uninstall and repair package. The pre and post actions configuration is common for all installer types, but there is a set of properties that can be provided only while configuring the Windows Installer. Let us take a close look at those properties and see when they are applicable.

The Windows Installer Transforms can only be defined to perform an installation of a Windows Installer Package and are not applicable for uninstall and repair. Each transform contains a set of changes applied to an installation. By applying a transform to a base installation package, the installer can add or replace data in the installation database and change the installation scenario. The Additional Properties can be defined while configuring a Windows Installer Package to be installed or uninstalled, and are not applicable for repair. Using these properties, you can change the install and uninstall process scenario to fit your requirements by changing certain property values. This chapter will guide you through the configuration of advanced parameters for Windows Installer.

What's Inside