Overriding Common Settings

Remote Installer provides you with an option to configure the Windows Installer Log settings to be used by Windows Installer while deploying Windows Installer Packages and Microsoft Software Patches, as well as the MSI Repair Options to be used while repairing Windows Installer Packages. These options are available in the program preferences. But what if you would like to use different settings for deploying specific products? The fact is that you do not need to modify the program preferences to reach this goal; hence the behavior of the scheduled deployment tasks remains the same, you can just override the common settings for specific deployment packages. Let us take a closer look at the settings overriding process using the Windows Installer Log settings as an example.

The option of overriding the log settings is available on the Windows Installer Log tab while advanced deployment package configuration parameters are provided. To override the Windows Installer Log options, you should check the Override log options configuration option, then select the types of installer events to log. To reset the settings to common, you can use the Reset to common link. In addition to overriding the Windows Installer Log options, it is also possible to change the default settings using the Change common configuration link. The same concept is used to override the MSI Repair Options. As you can see, the approach is easy and can be used to reach maximum flexibility during the deployment packages configuration process.