Graphical User Interface features

EMCO Software provides you with a modern and intuitive graphical user interface, because we appreciate the users of our products and would like them to feel glad that they have EMCO programs installed on their PCs. Lots of resources were involved in creating this kind of an interface for you, and now we are proud we have done it. Custom DPI settings are fully supported, so that you can use EMCO programs on any display with any resolution you like. The 'Microsoft User Interface Guidelines on Layout, Icons and Sizing' have been a powerful base for this work, and we are glad to tell you that they are fully complied with and supported. With the help of the skinning support and the Ribbon UI interface, every customer can configure the program UI to feel comfortable during each working day. EMCO also provides you with the High Contrast skin along with the bonus skins pack, which is an accessibility feature designed for people with vision impairment. The High Contrast color scheme can increase legibility for some users by heightening the screen contrast with alternative color combinations.

This chapter gives you a detailed description of how to fully enjoy the graphical user interface features, the skinning mechanism and the Ribbon bar features.

What's Inside