Overriding Common Settings

Ping Monitor comes with a wide range of monitoring and notification options those are defined in the program preferences. The options defined in preferences are initially used for all monitored hosts, but you can override specific groups of options for particular hosts or groups of hosts.

It is possible to override common settings when using the Enterprise or Professional editions of the program. The Free edition doesn't allow overriding common settings and specifying custom settings for hosts and groups.

When an options value for a host is calculated, first it checks if it is overridden on a host itself and on any of the parent groups. In case it is overridden on any level, than the overridden value is used, otherwise the value from program preferences is taken into account.

The overriding features are available during the hosts and groups addition and modification. The options are gathered on the corresponding navigator pages of the configuration dialog, those are:

Monitor Settings, Connection Quality, Performance, Gateway Options, Intervals, Automation, Alerts and Notifications, Notification Time, Recipients and Custom Fields.

For example, to override the monitoring settings, you should check the Override ping options configuration box on the Monitoring page, and then perform the required changes. Changing the common configuration, either from preferences or from the parent group, can be reached via the Change common/parent configuration link. To reset the settings to common, you can use the Reset to common/parent link. As you can see, the approach is easy and can be used to reach maximum flexibility of the monitoring process configuration.