Repackaging on a Virtual Machine

The program allows you to perform monitoring on an existing virtual machine connected remotely. In this case EMCO MSI Package Builder is installed on your local machine, and it connects to a Hyper-V, VMware or VirtualBox virtual machine to perform monitoring on it. At the end of monitoring, all captured changes are copied to the local machine and a package is generated locally. Monitoring on a remote virtual machine is recommended instead of monitoring on a local machine because it allows avoiding some extra work. For example, you don’t need to install EMCO MSI Package Builder on every machine used for monitoring, so you can easily switch among repackaging environments. Besides, the program can automatically revert virtual machines to a specified snapshot with a clean VM state at the end of monitoring, so you don’t need to do it manually.

To perform monitoring on an existing virtual machine, you should select a corresponding option in the Repackage Installation wizard Pic 1, where you need to choose the VM profile used for monitoring. This profile includes the VM configuration stored in VM Profiles Manager.

Select a VM as the repackaging environment

Pic 1. Select a VM as the repackaging environment

You can learn how to configure virtual machines to be used for monitoring in the Requirements for Virtual Machines chapter. To use a VM in the program, you need to create a profile for it. This topic is explained in the Managing VM Profiles chapter. A practical example of using a VM is provided in the How to Use a Virtual Machine for Repackaging chapter.

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