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All Machines View

The All Machines view Pic 1 is you information on all Machines available in the application and their MAC addresses, if retrieved. Using this view, you can easily identify Machines whose MAC addresses have not been retrieved, to be able to wake the Machines up.

The All Machines view

Pic 1. The All Machines view

The functions of retrieving Machines' MAC addresses, performing Wake-on-LAN for selected Machines and viewing Machines' properties are available from the All Machines view pop-up menu Pic 2. In the pop-up menu, you can also find the Configuration sub-menu that allows opening the MAC Address Scan preferences.

The All Machines view pop-up menu

Pic 2. The All Machines view pop-up menu

By default, the Machines in the All Machines view are grouped by the sign showing if the MAC address is retrieved, but you can easily reset this grouping or customize it to suit your needs by choosing other columns and filter data – see the Grouping and Filtering Data topic for details.