Collections Settings Page

Collection either groups a set of static Machines or defines the method and conditions for fetching Machines to be operated dynamically. The resulting set of Machines, including those retrieved via queries and defined as static entries, can be filtered using custom conditions based on Machine properties. The Collections Settings preference page allows you to configure the Machines querying and filtering options Pic 1. To open the Collections Settings page, click the Preferences button in the Application Menu and press the corresponding link in the navigation bar on the left of the Preferences dialog within the Remote Shutdown group.

Configuring Collections Settings

Pic 1. Configuring Collections Settings

Within the Collection Members group, you can define if you would like the Machine Queries to fetch a set of Machines to operate from the entire network or from those already available in the program database. Simply choose the required option in the Source field.

When configuring the Machine Filter behavior, you can specify if the program is allowed to use the property values cache, if any, for filtering or if the properties used in the filter condition should be refreshed during each operation before checking the condition. In case you are going to use the cached property values, you can define the time interval during which the properties are considered relevant. All these options can be configured within the Machines Filter group.

The Collections Settings page defines the querying and filtering configuration used by default by all the Collections, but it is still possible to use a different configuration of each aspect for particular Collections. Refer to the Collections Management section of this document for details on how to override the described options.