Package Signing Page

MSI Package Builder allows you to sign generated deployment packages to help guarantee that users know if your packages have been modified and that they came from you, the publisher. To configure the signing options, open the program preferences using the Preferences button from the Application Menu and click the Package Signing link on the navigation bar on the left of the Preferences dialog within the MSI Package Builder group Pic 1.

Configuring the package signing options

Pic 1. Configuring the package signing options

Within the Digital Signature group, you can define if generated deployment packages should be signed, select the certificate to be used for a digital signature (either from those available in the certificate storage, or from the file, or use auto-generated one) and choose the time server that should be used for creating a time stamp for the digital signature.

The package signing options defined in the program preferences are used as default for each project, but it is possible to override those options for each specific project on the Project Details view or while creating an MSI package or creating an MSIX/AppX package from the project.

Refer to the Signing Packages section of this document for detailed information on the purpose and the process of packages signing.