Alerts Page

The Alerts page is designed to display information about the current alerts. All alerts detected for all hosts are displayed in the table, where each rows represents an alert and columns shows the alert details, such as the alert name, host name, duration of the alert and its severity Pic 1.

Alerts page

Pic 1. Alerts page

The displayed list can be sorted by one or multiple fields. By default it is sorted by alert severity and duration. You can edit an alert by selecting it and pressing the Edit button available on the toolbar. You can change alert severity and acknowledge the alert for a selected time interval or indefinitely. It is possible to filter displayed alerts to show active or acknowledged alerts only.

Host alerts

Pic 2. Host alerts

The Alerts page displays alerts for all hosts, but you can click a host name in the table to drill-down to the host level and review alerts for the selected host. The alerts list for a host is similar to the list of alerts for all hosts, but it displays current alerts for the selected host only.