Custom Fixup

In some cases existing fixups don’t allow you to meet the requirements and resolve errors caused by the restricted access to resources in the MSIX container. In this case you can create a custom fixup that meets technical requirements of Package Support Framework (PSF). A custom fixup allows you to apply the created fixup for an MSIX package.

To create a custom fixup you need to specify its Name and set Description if required. You need to specify a fixup scope, so it should be applied to all applications or those applications that match the specified mask. The mask should be provided as a regular expression (in the regexp format) Pic 1.

Configuring a custom fixup

Pic 1. Configuring a custom fixup

A fixup should be specified as DLL files for 32-bit and 64-bit environments. These modules must be created and compiled to DLL files that meet the technical requirements of PSF. You also have to provide a JSON configuration file. Refer the PSF documentation for the details about the configuration format.