The Overview Pic 1 is designed to provide you with the brief information on monitored hosts and their states. It is located within the group of views in the middle of the main program window. You can either overview the entire monitoring system or focus on specific host and/or groups.

The entire monitoring system overview

Pic 1. The entire monitoring system overview

In the Hosts Summary area of the Overview the information is summarized in a doughnut chart, so you can easily see the distribution of hosts with different states. Inside a doughnut itself, you can find the total number of host you are focusing. The first column of the legend displays the count of active, paused and idle hosts – this distribution is represented with the inner doughnut. For the hosts the monitoring is active for, you can find the information on how many of them are online and offline, as well as how many hosts the state is being determined for. This distribution is displayed in the second column of the legend and the middle doughnut respectively. The last column is used to describe the connection quality to monitored hosts. The distribution is reflected in the outer doughnut on the chart. If you would like to focus on host states and connection quality distribution for active hosts, click the Active radio button in the right top corner of the area. To switch back to all hosts use the All button.

The Host Summary part is interactive. You can click the values for the activities and/or states and qualities to drill down to the hosts with the corresponding activity, quality and state.

The Recent Connectivity Events area is used to display the latest events for the hosts you are focusing. The fifteen most recent events that occurred during the last hour are displayed, if any. You can switch between the state and quality events using the corresponding buttons in the right top corner of the area.

To refresh the Overview pertaining to the selection within the Hosts view, you can enable the Link to Hosts View item in the toolbar.