Property Definition Placeholders

MSI Package Builder allows you to use both standard and user-defined MSI property values when configuring custom actions, registry modifications, etc. To access property values during the deployment process, you should use the property definition placeholders. The property definition placeholder is a property name proceeded with ${ and succeeded with }$, e. g. ${Manufacturer}$.

You are already familiar with a part of those properties, which are the system folder definition placeholders. To review the full list of available standard properties, please refer to the Property Reference article on MSDN. The other properties are package specific and are always spelled with capital letters. For the properties spelled with all capital letters, it is possible to override their default values during an MSI package deployment, e. g.

msiexec.exe /i installer.msi AUTOUPDATE=1;REGISTEREDOWNER=Dreamlight;REINSTALLMODE=omus