Importing a Project

With MSI Package Builder, you can not only create new packages but also modify existing ones using the project importing feature. You can import both project archive files and existing packages. The program allows you to select a package you want to modify, import it to a new project, perform the changes needed and build a new package. This feature is designed to handle the situation, when you have generated a deployment package, deleted the project, but need to make some changes to the package or upgrade it.

Though it is guaranteed that the import of the deployment package built with any previous version of MSI Package Builder is fully supported, some MSI, App-V and MSIX/AppX features are not available in the MSI Package Builder import technology. So if you are importing a generic deployment package, please check the import results and a newly generated deployment package carefully.

The feature of creating a new deployment package based on an existing deployment package is available in the Project Setup wizard. Alternatively, you can use the Import button from the Project Management group on the Home Ribbon page or the Import Project link in the Product Actions group on the Welcome Screen.



The Import button from the Project Management group on the Home Ribbon page should be used to create a new MSI Package Builder project based on an existing deployment package or a project archive file.

In any case, you will reach the page where you are proposed to provide the path to the existing deployment package to import and a name for the project to be created as a result Pic 1. The project allows you to import *.msi, *.appv, *.appx, *.msix and *.pbproj files.

Importing a project

Pic 1. Importing a project

When the import is complete, you can see the project that contains the changes performed by the specified deployment package created in the Projects view.